Annchen Bronkowski is married to an old friend and ex-colleague of mine. Thanks to Joel, I met this wonderful woman: she loves cats, she plays the piano, her Instagram feed is one of the funniest I follow, and she's a painter.

Jack Seymour is a brilliant and very laid back illustrator that loves to cook with a lot of garlic. Themba is his family's dog. Both he and Themba are great.

Sara Mitrova is an interior designer, adventurous hiker, my flatmate, and the reason this idea came into being. She'd already inspired one of her ex-colleagues with a business idea and then prompted me to get cracking with this one. 

Somang Lee and I were connected through a mutual friend, Sara Gelfren. Somang helped me out a lot with understanding paper quality, licensing, and more and does wonderful, whimisical nature-themed watercolours.

Patricia Fraser is my godfather's wife. I call her my fairy godmother because she has always been a consistent creative inspiration from my earliest years playing in their garden and wandering through their beautiful house to her graphic design career to her art in recent years.